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Recruitment Services With a Large Talent Pool

we’d take charge of finding potential candidates to fill your company’s job vacancies. 

Industry Expertise

Every industry is different. Understading of the unique challenges that each industry faces is critical to business success.

Specialist Recruitment Services

With more than 12+ years of experience to provide Specialist Recruitment Services. We’re are able to tailor bespoke recruitment solutions for both Clients and Candidates.  Our specialist approach allows us to work with our clients agreeing on the best recruitment methodology for each vacancy.

Large Talent Pool

Bull’s team will source from our extensive candidate base. We know the tech community, and we’d take charge of finding the right candidates.

What We Do

Permanent Recruitment

Permanent recruitment solutions should find the very best people for your organisation. If you are having trouble getting the right permanent recruitment solution to get the right people, you’re in the right place! Bull IT Services can help. 

Temporary and Contract Staffing

Bull IT Services provide well-trained and qualified candidates for a temporary or long period, about the requirements of the organization. It is a contract staffing agency that aims at helping enterprises and ventures by providing temporary staffing solutions, We have been providing contract staffing solutions for 15 years 

Overseas Recruitment

Bull-It Services also have with us active support for meeting the demands of overseas recruitment support. Here, our team of qualified professionals are engaged in offering complete recruitment support as per the well-defined and programmed approach that makes the service considered one of the best in the industry.

RPO Services

Bull IT Services recruits staff for different processes of companies with the help of its experienced calling professionals. We have a dedicated team of experts who do intense research on candidate profiles to find out the best talents and to send them for interviews. It is a constant process in which the best talents are picked and hired by different companies.


"It is really pleasure to write about Bull IT Service and its staff. They are really helpful . I appreciate their services and I am thankful for the same."


"Bull IT has been proved themselves as the right consultant for me and performed up to my expectation. They have clear idea and experience. Bull IT is the best company one can rely upon."



About Us

We specialize in delivering staffing solutions to global clients
across a variety of industries. We are passionate about the people we work with and our Outsourcing Solutions can deliver significant value to your Organization.

Our Industries


Technology is redefining services and customer experiences in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance)  sector. This has forced banks and insurance companies to hire skilled professionals having sound knowledge of new technologies and customer expectations.


Technological companies require skilled professionals having sound knowledge of new technologies. Bull IT Services has professional IT recruiters who can understand the industry needs


The retail sector needs the manpower to provide the services that include all the shops that sell goods to the ultimate customer, who buys them for personal and not business use. It encompasses all kinds of shops, from kiosks and small groceries to supermarket chains and large department stores.

Health Care

Healthcare survives on the backs of its workers. A hospital, a hospice, an urgent care facility; no matter what the healthcare role, without good workers, it’s nothing. Recruiting healthcare workerscomes with it’s own challenges, and must be handled with a different approach than most other types of recruiting. You can trust that Bull IT Servives can connect you to high-quality staff in the healthcare industry to enable you to deliver exceptional patient care and improve better health outcomes. 


Since labour or manpower is a very critical requirement in manufacturing it is not always possible to increase production at a short notice. It’s critical because you need more manpower to increase production at a certain point in time but in days of declining demand, you will have a surplus of manpower that will weigh heavily on your expenses. So it benefits to take the help of manpower consultants who specialize in a Production and Manufacturing recruitment agency. Bull IT Services is wll equipped Production and Manufacturing recruitment agency you can trust.


Bull IT Services is a Recruiting Company that specializes in sourcing staff nationally in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Corporate industries. If you’re pharmacy employer, with an extensive talent pool, the most experienced team of recruitment consultants and cutting edge technology, we can solve your Locum or Permanent requirements in the fastest possible manner.


With many new developments taking place across different industries, how can the Telecommunications sector be remained untouched with the developments. With the dynamic nature of the industry, it has seen many cutting edge innovations and developments that have taken place across the world. With telecom industry expanding its horizons it is generating new jobs to fill up the vacancies. Recuiters of Bull IT Services are expertise in flawlessly handling largest specialised database of Telecoms professionals. It is preferred Telecom Recruitment Agency of quality telecommunications products and services that match up to the needs of customers. We have aggregated best that is there on offer in telecommunications field so as to deliver desired solutions

Travel & Hospitality

Bill IT Services has ventured into the field to offer assistance in recruiting the best talents in the Hospitality/ Travel/ Tourism companies. We select the best in talents with good knowledge of the domain with the support of experienced HR consultants. So what are you waiting for, just make use of our platform and get placed with the best organizations in the hospitality industry?

Our Clients