Permanent Recruitment

As a client of Manpower, our experienced recruiters will save you time and money, ensure you find the right people and give you the best chance of retaining them. Consider the number of hours you could invest into recruiting a permanent member for your team and the distraction it can cause to your core business. Manpower can save you time without cutting corners. We match candidates with your business needs and culture to encourage retention.

Our permanent recruitment methodology always begins with receiving the mandate followed by a thoroughly deliberated discussion to fully define what you need, make sure we know your business and provide advice regarding the factors that will affect the success of the project. We know where to find and how to attract the very best talent to your organization. Following the discussion we use a number of channels to find suitable candidates and conduct full competency interviews before presenting a shortlist of candidates within an agreed timescale. We manage candidate expectations, make sure we understand their individual requirements and aspirations and sell your organization all the way through.

Temporary and Contract Staffing

When it comes to temporary and contract staffing, whether it’s for interim assignments or long-term contracts, we are one of the leading IT firms because we understand the business of technology.  A direct hire is not always the best option. Last-minute coverage requirements, short- and long-term projects, holiday shortages, and interim demands for specific expertise are constant struggles in the strategic staffing marketplace.

With our temporary and contract staffing services, you can solve your workforce problems with a single phone call. We do everything—from pre-screening, qualifying, interviewing, hiring and terminating employees to communicating pay rate and benefits, distributing paychecks, computing wages and withholdings, maintaining personnel and payroll records, and more. We even maintain liability, fidelity and workers’ compensation insurance coverage and perform certain application procedures, including the completion of I-9 forms.

Temporary and Contract Staffing

Overseas Recruitment

Overseas placement & recruitment services involves hiring skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled manpower across a pool of talent available globally. Organizations across the world have medium & large-scale manpower requirements as per skills and projects. Hiring locally within the country can be expensive for a few countries and sometimes may not provide the optimum talent as required, therefore overseas recruitment plays an important role for human capital-focused industries. Asia has been prominent in providing talent to multiple countries across industries for various manpower requirements.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a service that is more and more common among companies representing various industries. Reaching out to the best specialists and building a strong, good team may be a real challenge. As for the RPO service, the entire recruitment process is being outsourced. Employees of the external contractor – advisers – manage and oversee all recruitment stages comprehensively. Headhunters who work for Bull IT Services are experienced and highly qualified. With a large database of contacts, they can reach out to every candidate that our clients are looking for. Carrying out the RPO with us, you gain the impeccable quality of services together with a cost control guarantee. 

Why is it worth it?

Cooperating with us in the field of talent management, clients   receive our proactive approach to looking for candidates. At the same time, we’re adapting the company’s strategy to the pool of talents available on the labor market.

RPO Services

Bull IT Methodology

Step 1

  • Understanding the Job Profile from Company
  • The Process includes: Advertising on, Monster, Times Jobs, Headhunting the Database, Checking the    Existing Database

Step 2

  • Initial screening of the CVs
  • Matching them with Job Profile, CTC, Key Skills, Experience etc.
  • Conducting Initial Technical Evaluation

Step 3

  • Synopsis in Customized Excel Format
  • Confirmation with the Shortlisted Candidates over the Phone/Mail, Informing them about the Company

Step 4

  • CV Sent to client for approval
  • Interview Scheduled for the Shortlisted CVs from the Client
  • Final shortlisting from the CV’s

Step 5

  • Offer made to Shortlisted
  • Coordinating with the selected candidates to make them join in the required time frame
  • Reference Checks

Our Industries


Technology is redefining services and customer experiences in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance)  sector. This has forced banks and insurance companies to hire skilled professionals having sound knowledge of new technologies and customer expectations.


Technological companies require skilled professionals having sound knowledge of new technologies. Bull IT Services has professional IT recruiters who can understand the industry needs


The retail sector needs the manpower to provide the services that include all the shops that sell goods to the ultimate customer, who buys them for personal and not business use. It encompasses all kinds of shops, from kiosks and small groceries to supermarket chains and large department stores.

Health Care

Healthcare survives on the backs of its workers. A hospital, a hospice, an urgent care facility; no matter what the healthcare role, without good workers, it’s nothing. Recruiting healthcare workerscomes with it’s own challenges, and must be handled with a different approach than most other types of recruiting. You can trust that Bull IT Servives can connect you to high-quality staff in the healthcare industry to enable you to deliver exceptional patient care and improve better health outcomes. 


Since labour or manpower is a very critical requirement in manufacturing it is not always possible to increase production at a short notice. It’s critical because you need more manpower to increase production at a certain point in time but in days of declining demand, you will have a surplus of manpower that will weigh heavily on your expenses. So it benefits to take the help of manpower consultants who specialize in a Production and Manufacturing recruitment agency. Bull IT Services is wll equipped Production and Manufacturing recruitment agency you can trust.


Bull IT Services is a Recruiting Company that specializes in sourcing staff nationally in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Corporate industries. If you’re pharmacy employer, with an extensive talent pool, the most experienced team of recruitment consultants and cutting edge technology, we can solve your Locum or Permanent requirements in the fastest possible manner.


With many new developments taking place across different industries, how can the Telecommunications sector be remained untouched with the developments. With the dynamic nature of the industry, it has seen many cutting edge innovations and developments that have taken place across the world. With telecom industry expanding its horizons it is generating new jobs to fill up the vacancies. Recuiters of Bull IT Services are expertise in flawlessly handling largest specialised database of Telecoms professionals. It is preferred Telecom Recruitment Agency of quality telecommunications products and services that match up to the needs of customers. We have aggregated best that is there on offer in telecommunications field so as to deliver desired solutions

Travel & Hospitality

Bill IT Services has ventured into the field to offer assistance in recruiting the best talents in the Hospitality/ Travel/ Tourism companies. We select the best in talents with good knowledge of the domain with the support of experienced HR consultants. So what are you waiting for, just make use of our platform and get placed with the best organizations in the hospitality industry?

Our Clients